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About XO

~ The Story of XO Coffee Company~

Linda developed her love and appreciation for superior craft coffee when she had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain in college.  While there, she visited numerous cafes and learned what really good coffee was supposed to taste like.  This experience ignited her passion for coffee, and her dream of someday opening a coffee shop of her very own.  She shared her dream with David, and when they were dating she took him to many small, local coffee shops and got him excited about coffee as well!  They enjoyed not only the quality of the coffee they were tasting, but the way the experience made them feel.  David quickly got on board with the dream of opening a coffee shop, and after they were married David and Linda attended Texas Coffee School in Arlington where Tom Vincent taught them the intricacies of making a superior cup of coffee.  It was only natural to name the company “XO Coffee”, from when David and Linda used to sign off their texts to each other as “xoxo” during their courtship, and because of the emotion of “love” that they want customers to experience in their shop through great coffee, tea, food, and friends.

~Mission Statement~

 XO Coffee Company is all about love – love of family, love of friends, and love of coffee.   By delivering an outstanding product and customer experience, our goal and our drive is to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.  Our customers will be our number one priority – our promise to them is that they will leave XO Coffee Company feeling better than when they walked in.